Our Process

Pirc Company has decades of experience serving customers with varying needs and project sizes.  We have the equipment,  know-how, and passion to dramatically enhance the appearance of your business.  Whether it be a storefront, office, hotel, or an industrial facility, we will take pride in your project and work with you from start to finish.  We begin a project by discussing concepts and elements that are important to you and will guide you through the design process to create a collaborative design that maximizes the value of your investment.  Upon completion, not only will your property have added value, but so will your business.  

Plant Selection and Sourcing

Choosing plants for a project can prove to be an arduous task, given the ever-changing climate of our region.  Pirc Company has formed partnerships with dozens of nurseries in the area to provide us with the best selection of a wide variety of plant species.  We choose the healthiest plants that will survive harsh weather conditions and remain beautiful for years to come.  Our company focuses on using plants that have textures and colors that complement the surrounding architecture and natural elements. The goal is to create a complete scene that is seamlessly tied in with the natural beauty of the area. 


Hardscape and Construction

Pirc Company takes the time to properly train its employees to build walkways, patios, and walls that will last a lifetime.  Our construction foremen have years of experience and understand that a project should require minimal maintenance after completion and look great year after year.  Durability begins with a solid foundation of leveled ground, tamped limestone, and thoroughly compacted screening before the first brick is laid.  We can cut any shape into our pavers to create letters or logos to fully customize any design.




Gallery of Enhancements