Attention to Detail

At first glance, lawn maintenance may appear to be a simple task to handle. To Pirc Company, the lawns we maintain are a representation of our attention to detail. Our maintenance technicians are trained to operate our state-of-the-art equipment smoothly and precisely.  Our equipment managers ensure that every lawn mowers' blades are sharpened not just once, but two times every week to keep our mowers running efficiently.  We put a crisp, straight edge around flowerbeds, walkways, and driveways to create a professional, manicured look all around the property.  Our fertilization and insect-control program are tailored specifically to your lawn and the seasonal patterns of Northeast Ohio.  We cut grass; not corners.

Flowerbeds and Shrubs

Pirc Company's maintenance crews perform cleanups at the beginning and end of every season.  In spring, we clear out all twigs and debris from the winter, and in fall, we keep leaves from cluttering your flowerbeds.  On top of this, our maintenance crews check your flowerbeds every time they mow to keep them clear of weeds all throughout summer.  We lay down fresh mulch promptly at the beginning of each summer and we trim shrubs, bushes, and plants twice a year to maintain a clean look all year long.

Maintenance Gallery