We're Always Ready

Winter weather in Northeast Ohio is often unpredictable.  To account for this, Pirc Company uses dozens of sources to actively monitor the changing weather conditions, 24/7.  Pirc Company employs a fleet of nearly 50 trucks, 5 loaders, and several other specialized sidewalk-clearing machines.  We store up to 400 tons of salt in our dome to ensure an endless supply for our salt trucks.  Additionally, we manufacture our own salt-brine in our shop.  Our team of mechanics perform extensive check-ups on each truck after every storm to diagnose and repair any problems to have the fleet ready for the next snowfall.  We use the industry's newest and best snow-removal technologies to provide you the reliable service you need.  With Pirc Company on your side, you never have to worry about snow or ice in your parking lot ever again.

Equipment Demonstrations

The Boss EXT snowplow has proven to be a great product for us this year and last year when we tested a prototype!
The Snowrator ZX4 is a great machine that can perform a multitude of tasks in the winter!

Our Equipment