Pirc Company Honors its Roots in the Cleveland Kurentovanje Parade!

Slovenian Pride

Over the weekend, Pirc Company celebrated its Slovenian heritage by participating in the Cleveland Kurentovanje parade!  Kurentovanje (koo-rahn-toh-VAHN-yay) is a Slovenian Mardi Gras tradition in which furry characters, called “kurents”, dance through the streets shaking bells and rattles to scare away the cold winter and usher in the warm months of spring.  We chose to participate in the Kurentovanje parade as a means to pay homage to the company owner’s grandfather, Anthony J. Pirc the first.  Pirc was a proud Slovenian in his time and was very active with the Slovenian home in Collinwood.  He holds a special place in Pirc Company’s history as the initial inspiration to his grandson, also named Anthony J. Pirc, to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in the landscaping industry.  Young Anthony used to visit the Slovenian home with his grandfather on the weekends where they shared many good times and created lasting memories.  The inspiration to be a landscaper came when Anthony was just six years old and his grandfather would let him cut the grass at his house.  Entrusted with such a responsibility at such a young age, Anthony could not help but to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when his grandfather admired his job well done.  It is this pride in his work that has driven Anthony to grow Pirc Company into the business it is today.  If Anthony J. Pirc the first could be alive today to see his name on 50+ trucks serving thousands throughout Northeast Ohio, he would certainly be one proud Slovenian.  To have been able to share our company’s heritage with our employees and the Slovenian community this past Saturday is an opportunity for which we are incredibly grateful.

Parade Preparation

Below are pictures of the float-building process, as well as some pictures from the "Kurent Jump" held the night before parade day!

Parade Day

Everyone had so much fun at the parade, despite the temperature dropping to 38 degrees from 78 degrees the previous day.