Project Overview - Retaining Wall

As much as we can appreciate large, mature trees, sometimes they can get in the way.  Here is an example of a beautiful house with neatly trimmed plants hidden behind three large evergreen trees.  At one point, these trees were much smaller and served the house and its landscape well, but they have outgrown the yard and are taking away from the property's curb appeal.  The customer recognized that the trees needed to go and called Pirc Company to take care of the job.  Once the trees were removed, we met with the homeowner and drew up a plan to fill the newly empty space with an attractive design.  

To take advantage of the sloped yard, the customer agreed it would be best to build a retaining wall to create a dramatic, three-dimensional effect.  To ensure a durable wall that will last a lifetime, we used Versa-Lok stone blocks, a premium building material that looks natural and is built to last.  The homeowners wanted the wall to compliment the house, so we added a layer of red blocks to tie in with the red brick house.  After the wall was completed, we topped off the project with a young tree, several large natural stones, and some fresh mulch.  Overall, the design is simple, classic, and will stand the test of time.  Furthermore, it truly compliments the house and dramatically increases curb appeal.  The final result is one that the homeowners can be proud of for years to come!