Groundhog Day - What it Means for a Landscaping and Snowplowing Company

Today, millions will tune in to find out if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not.  It may not be scientifically accurate to rely on a marmot to forecast the weather, but Groundhog Day is symbolic of the preparation that goes on behind the scenes at Pirc Company during this time of the year.  When Phil sticks his head out of the ground, we cannot help but ask ourselves the following questions: "When is the right time to take the snowplows off the trucks?  Are our lawnmowers in proper operational condition?  Is our workforce ready for the warm months ahead and the work that comes with?"

The transitions between snowplow seasons and the warm seasons are our busiest times of the year.  As a landscaping and snowplowing company, we are constantly preparing months ahead to make sure our crews hit the ground running at the beginning of a season.  While the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is celebrating the transition from Winter to Spring, our maintenance technicians are hard at work ensuring the lawn mowers are ready to go and our account managers are meeting with customers to set goals and expectations for the season ahead.

Before we know it, our snowplows will be in storage and our fleet of lawnmowers will once again be in full force.