Project Overview - Lawn and Bed Installation

Every famous work of art, whether it be a painting or a sculpture has started from a blank canvas, a solid block of marble, or another form of undeveloped material from which an artist will create his masterpiece.  Simply put, an artist works best when provided with the opportunity to start from scratch and has free reign to develop an original idea in his head and create something out of nothing.  As landscapers, most of the projects we do are enhancements, additions, or modifications to an old landscape project that already exists.  While we enjoy this challenge (and we think we do a pretty good job at it), we relish the opportunity to start from a blank slate and create something from nothing.  Much like a painter would step back and look at a canvas and envision his painting, a new house with a fresh pile of dirt is all we need to get our creative juices flowing!

The small flower pot on the front step is displayed as a sign of hope for this yard in its current state!

To exemplify this scenario, two newlyweds who moved into a new house asked us to help them kick-start their married life with a new lawn and flower bed.  After meeting with them and discussing their needs, we couldn't be happier to work with them on the project!  Before the project got started, the front yard was nothing but a bunch of unwanted weeds.  

"Please don't damage the siding" is all we could think when we look back at this picture!

At first it seemed it would be a daunting task to remove it all, but with the right equipment, we were down to the dirt in no time.  Once the yard was cleared out, we were able to start focusing on developing our work of art and working toward the final result.  Whenever we do a project like this, we start with the beds, and then do the lawn second.  

Once the ground was leveled, we put down a thick layer of fresh topsoil where the bed would go.  Company owner, Anthony, spent some time orchestrating the process, but is never afraid to get his hands dirty, himself.

Once we had the shape of the bed formed, it was time to pick out some plants and see how they would fit.  The homeowners chose some simple plants that would be easy to maintain and wouldn't overcrowd the bed when they fill out.  After adding a few boulders and finalizing the layout, we installed the plants, threw down some mulch, and got going with the next phase of the project.

Once we had the bed finished, we couldn't wait to see the end result.  All we had to do was lay down topsoil on the rest of the yard and then it was time for some grass!  Using nutrient-rich topsoil is important for any new lawn.  This is arguably the most important step of the whole process!

Jordon preparing the sloped yard for the new lawn!

The layer of topsoil is complete!

Typically, when we install a new lawn, we will analyze the area to be seeded to determine which type of seed will work best as well as what type of fertilizers will ensure proper growth.  Usually, we mix these materials together with water into a hydroseed and spray it on the dirt, but to speed things up for the eager homeowners, we agreed to search for sod that would work well for their yard.  After a day of laying sod and touching up the project, the homeowners were thrilled to have a great looking yard that complemented their new home!

As the plants grow, they will fill in the space nicely.  Two arborvitae will frame the door while tree to the left will grow to about 10 feet in the next few years.  Homeowners added their own touch with a few pumpkins!